So humbled to share the beautiful words being shared about Mantra Mats! 
Big thank you and love to our customers.

"I have gone through many yoga mats throughout the years, and this one has to be my favorite. Have already done a few classes with it, and despite it being soft, it is by no means slippery. Very grippy, and durable. Oh and apparently you can throw it in the wash to clean it   "  
- Andrea Gunn, Yogi

"I recently tested out this mat for an outdoor yoga class and absolutely loved it! It was soft, not slippery in the slightest, and so beautiful! I would totally recommend."
- Danielle Lister, Yogi 

"Five Stars"
- Juliana Lavell, 500 Yoga Teacher and Trainer

" was asked by a friend to test out a Mantra Mat, and was a little concerned about using a mat without a towel b/c I sweat so much. I usually require a towel on my yoga mat to soak up moisture while I practise as I only participate in warm yoga and sweat more than the average human. After a bit of reassurance I agreed to use the mat with no towel and this is how it went. I noticed the mat was very grippy from the very beginning which is better than my usual towel & mat combo, so that was nice. The padding seemed sufficient and was comparable to the mat I use now. As my practise moved along I sweat a lot on the mat and noticed that it seemed to absorb the abundance of moisture very well and did not seem to lose its grip as the practice went on. I would say that the mat absorbed a substantial (perhaps abnormal) amount of liquid during the practise and was still fully functioning at the end. The mat was pretty damp, but did not pool or get slippery so it served its purpose and was not uncomfortable to lay on at the end. The mat performed highly and it was a pleasure to practise on. I was actually pretty surprised that I could practise on a mat without a towel. I love that you guys are hiring local artists to contribute to the mat designs and I also like that you guys are giving back to philanthropist interests. Eco friendly materials are a bonus as well, of course!" 

- Daniel Jones, Hot Yoga Yogi

"[after taking a 'Lotus' Mat to a Bikram class] Loved it!! What a Grip!!" 

- Sara, @lalasyoga Instagram Yogi